no parents, no rules
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she died like 17 times


she died like 17 times

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Anonymous asked: do you want tattoos? if so, what do you want your first one to be?

One day haha. Not sure what I would want which is why i don’t have any yet

Anonymous asked: The powderpuff girls were made of sugar, spice, and everything nice. What ingredients would you say you were made of?

Salt. I’m salty

Anonymous asked: do you ever think about being a model?

Maybe one day if I’m approached by a reputable agency

Anonymous asked: What does no parents no rules mean? /.\

When your parents aren’t around there are no rules haha

Anonymous asked: josh how do you stay positive when you're feeling so bad?

I usually don’t haha. Sometimes I feel bad and just let it happen. Sometimes I feel bad and remember how blessed I am and I take control over my thoughts and feelings. I’m only human.

maskedupfeelings asked: If you had to loose one of the following: sight, hearing, or speech, what would you want to choose and why?

Speech. I couldn’t live without hearing certain certain voices and seeing certain faces. I talk too much anyway.

Anonymous asked: Would you like to learn to speak spanish?

yo tengo una mochilla rojo con las papas fritas 

youcantcatchthefox asked: Do you like where you live right now or do you wish you lived somewhere else?

Love where I live very much. :)

Anonymous asked: would you rather have an elephant sized hamster or a hamster sized elephant?

hamster sized elephant would be s’cute id put him on a little leash and watch him blow water out of his little trunk