Joshua Sobocinski

Anonymous asked:

How old is Stephen?? Please answer.


Anonymous asked:

How & when did you meet stephen? :)

Our parents were friends when they were around our age. We have basically known each other since birth but only got close the last few years

Anonymous asked:

Not sure how keen you are about answering things about your family... But I was just wondering if you knew how your parents came up with your youngest sisters name? It's so unique and I was just curious :)

Not sure to be honest. I think my mom had liked it for a while. Couldn’t really give you a straight answer haha

wildfoxsuns asked:

Thank you (and the others of dsk) for being so humble and also very nice. You seem to be a genuinely sweet and very nice person and those are qualities to admire. Also thanks for being moral in the your language for the most part it's refreshing not to hear a curse word as every other word sometimes. You're my favorite person on YouTube and vine etc just because of how nice you are but you're also really funny!!! :)

Thank you so much this means a lot to mean I try to keep all of my content clean because everything on the Internet is garbage. It’s rewarding to hear this. 😊

Do anything, but let it produce joy.
- Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass (via wordsnquotes)

(Source: wordsnquotes, via wordsnquotes)

heartless-soule asked:

How did you and Shelby meet??

Well ironically we met a year ago today. Our friends were friends and we met up in central park. I introduced myself but it wasn’t until a few days later in Washington square that I got her number hahaha. She is seriously the greatest girl I’ve ever met. It’s so weird how fast time goes.

Anonymous asked:

Any desire to visit Seattle?

Id love to.