Joshua Sobocinski


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Anonymous asked:

does SDK have anything planned for the near future

Daily videos @ 9PM ;)

greenspiritualitea asked:

Do you think you take full advantage of the life you're living right now?

Yes for the most part. At least I try to

Anonymous asked:

Northern NJ or Southern ?


Anonymous asked:

I think you and the rest of the guys in SDK are the most respectable youtubers around. You don't act like something you're not and you guys are original and funny. That rules. Keep doin you. :)

Wow thanks a lot that’s very kind :)

knallbani asked:

You should read, One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories by B. J. Novak. It's really good :D

I LOVE HIM! Didn’t know he wrote a book

Anonymous asked:

if you ever got tattoos would your parents freak out or support it?

Probably freak out haha

Anonymous asked:

what's your girlfriends name?

Shelbpants / Smellby (shelby)